Self-aligning Ball Bearing

Self-aligning ball bearinghas two structures of cylindrical holes and cone holes, and the material of the casing has a steel sheet, a synthetic resin, and the like. It is characterized in that the outer ring roller has a spherical shape, which has automatic calibration, which can compensate for errors caused by different maths and axis deflection, but within it, the relative inclination of the outer ring shall not exceed 3 degrees.

Product Features

Mainly withstand radial loads and can withstand smaller axial loads. The axial displacement of the shaft (outer casing) is limited to the exact performance, allowed, permissible, peripheral relative tilting under conditions, and is suitable for supporting seat holes, which cannot be strictly ensured in a component of the same shaft.

self aligning ball bearing 5

Product Parameters

structure type
With dust-proof cover and tapered ball bearing matching with a stretched ring, it has been filled in the right amount of grease. It should not be heated before installation. It does not have to be cleaned. Do not lubricate during use, adapt to operating temperatures – 30 ° C to + 120 ° C between. Commercially called ball bearings: suitable for precision instruments, low noise motors, automotive, motorcycles and general machinery, etc., is the most widely used bearing in the mechanical industry.

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Application and After-Sales Service

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