Thrust Ball Bearing

Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand thrust loads during high-speed operation, and are composed of washer-shaped ferrules with ball rolling raceway grooves. Because the ferrule is in the shape of a cushion, thrust ball bearings are divided into two types: flat base cushion type and self-aligning spherical cushion type.

Product Features:

1. Thrust ball bearing there are two types, one-way and two-way.
2. In order to allow for installation errors, whether it is one-way or two-way, you can choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or spherical seat ring type.
3. High-quality steel-Ultra-clean steel that can extend the life of the bearing by up to 80%
4. Advanced grease technology-NSK’s lubricant technology can extend the life of the grease and improve the performance of the bearing
5. High-grade steel ball- Quiet and smooth during high-speed rotation
6. Using the ferrule in the option, installation errors can be tolerated.

Product Parameters:

Formula 1: Famin=K·n*n
Formula 2: Famin=Coa/1000
Famin: minimum axial load (N)
K: minimum axial load factor
n: rotation speed (per minute)
Coa: Basic static load rating (N)

Application and After-Sales Service

The purpose of thrust ball bearings: only suitable for parts that bear one side of axial load and low speed, such as crane hooks, vertical water pumps, vertical centrifuges, jacks, low-speed reducers, etc. The shaft ring, seat ring and rolling element of the bearing are separated and can be assembled and disassembled separately.
The company processes and manufactures various and all kinds of international brand bearings.

After-sales service tenet

First, the work of the after-sales service department
Customers buy products sold in our company, just the beginning of our company, but also the beginning of the after-sales service department, in the entire stage of our customers, all of our after-sales service personnel take thoughtful, meticulous, enthusiasm, timely service Let customers.