Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The design of double row deep groove ball bearings is basically the same as that of single row deep groove ball bearings. The deep groove ball shaft-shaped raceway plus the excellent closeness between the raceway and the steel ball. In addition to bearing radial load, double row deep groove ball bearings can also bear axial loads acting in two directions.

Product Features

Double row deep groove ball bearings are suitable for bearing arrangements where the load capacity of a single row deep groove ball bearing is insufficient. For double row deep groove ball bearings with the same outer and inner diameters as deep groove ball bearings, the width is larger and the load capacity is much higher than that of the 62 and 63 series single row deep groove ball bearings.

The standard deep groove ball bearing has the radial internal clearance of the ordinary group.

When there is a misalignment between the inner and outer rings of a double row deep groove ball bearing, it will cause additional load. Thereby increasing the load borne by the steel ball and cage and shortening the working life of the bearing. Therefore, the allowable angle error is only 2 arc minutes. Any larger angle error will result in an increase in noise.

Double row deep groove ball bearings are equipped with two glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 cages. The suffix of SKF is TN9.

Deep groove ball bearings equipped with nylon cages can operate at temperatures up to 120°C.

The characteristics of the cage are not affected by the lubricants used in general rolling bearings, except for certain synthetic oils or greases based on synthetic oils and lubricants containing a large amount of extreme pressure additives for high temperature applications.

double row deep groove ball bearings 3

Product Parameters

New domestic models Old domestic model Specification (dxDxB) Weight (kg)
63300-2Z/YA 3880300 10×35×52 0.2556
63209-2Z/YA 3880209 45×90×110
63204-2Z/YA 3880204 20×52×80
63203-2Z/YA 3880203 17×47×70
63201-2Z/YA 3880201 12×35×51
63200-2Z/YA 3880200 10×32×51 0.2184
4000WB-2RS GX3280100 10×26×8/10
426X2WB-2RS/YA2 GX4180026K 6×19×12/17
4001X2WB-2RS/YA2 GX4180101K 12×28×18/24
400X2WB-2RS/YA2 GX4180100K 10×26×18/24
408X2WB-2RS/YA2 GX4180018K 8×22×17/22
406X3WB-2RS GX3280018K 8×22×10/11
4O6WB-2RS/YA2 GX4180016K 6×16×3/14
610960 305×330×300 60.1
44908-2RS/P6 E4910908 40×62×24 0.21
44907-2RS/P6 E4910907 35×55×20 0.15
4404X3 810704 20×70×24 0.564

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