Four Point Contact Ball Bearing

Four-point contact ball bearing is a separable bearing, which can also be said to be a set of angular contact ball bearings that can bear bidirectional axial load. The inner and outer ring raceways are peach-shaped sections. When there is no load or pure radial load, the steel ball and the ring appear as four-point contact.

Product Features

1. The four-point contact ball bearing is a separable structure, and a single bearing can replace the angular contact ball bearing with the front combination or the back combination.

2. It can bear radial load and bidirectional axial load, and can limit the axial displacement in two directions, but it occupies less axial space than the current specifications of double row angular contact ball bearings.

3. Compared with other ball bearings, four-point contact ball bearings have smaller axial clearance and higher limit speed when the radial clearance is the same.

4. Four-point contact ball bearings are suitable for bearing pure axial loads or combined axial and radial loads based on axial loads. Due to the double-half inner ring (or outer ring), the number of balls is increased and the bearing capacity is larger.

5. Under normal working conditions, this type of bearing can form a contact angle when bearing axial load in any direction. The steel ball contacts the inner and outer raceways at one point to avoid large sliding friction in the contact area. Therefore, the bearing should not be subjected to radial forces and loads.

Product Parameters

1. Four-point contact ball bearing is a radial single-row angular contact ball bearing. The raceway is designed to support axial loads acting in two directions. Four-point contact ball bearings can withstand radial loads up to a fraction of the axial load. Compared with double row bearings, four-point contact ball bearings take up significantly less space in the axial direction.

The contact angle of SKF four-point contact ball bearings designed by QJ is 35° or 45°. The inner circle is a split inner circle. In this way, a larger number of balls can be installed in the bearing, which can give the bearing a higher load bearing capacity. This SKF four-point contact ball bearing is a separate design, that is, the outer ring with the ball and cage assembly can be installed separately with the two inner ring half rings.

2. The inner ring (or outer ring) of the four-point contact ball bearing is precisely assembled by two half-rings, and the groove curvature radius of the whole periphery (or inner ring) is very small, which makes the steel ball and the inner ring , The outer ring is in contact at four “points”, which not only increases the radial load capacity, but also can withstand large axial loads in two directions with a compact size, and has a good two The ability of the axial limit of the direction is because its axial clearance is relatively small, and its contact angle (generally taken as 35°) is relatively large.

The allowable speed of three-point and four-point contact ball bearings is also very high, and the operation is very stable. Its double half ring can be removed from the complete set of bearings for installation separately, so four-point contact ball bearings are mostly used in engines because they It can withstand large radial load and axial load at higher speeds.

Half of the two inner rings of SKF Explorer’s four-point contact ball bearings have deep-bottomed shoulders (fig). When this four-point contact ball bearing is used with SKF cylindrical roller bearings, the oil flow rate is increased. In addition, when disassembling this four-point contact ball bearing, these deep recessed bottoms can also be used to fix the puller.

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