Tapered Roller Bearings

Tapered roller bearings are separable bearings, and both the inner and outer rings of the bearing have tapered raceways. Single row tapered roller bearings can bear radial load and single direction axial load. When the bearing bears radial load, it will produce an axial component force, so when it needs another bearing that can bear the axial force in the opposite direction to balance it.

Product Features

The type code of the tapered roller bearing is 30000, and the tapered roller bearing is a separable bearing. Under normal circumstances, especially in GB/T307.1-94 “Rolling Bearing Radial Bearing Tolerance”, the tapered roller bearing outer ring and inner component can be used interchangeably in 100% of the size range.

The angle of the outer ring and the diameter of the outer raceway are the same as the outer dimensions and have been standardized. It is not allowed to change during design and manufacturing. As a result, the outer ring and inner assembly of the tapered roller bearing can be interchanged worldwide.

Tapered roller bearings are mainly used to bear combined radial and axial loads, mainly radial loads. Compared with angular contact ball bearings, the bearing capacity is large and the limit speed is low. Tapered roller bearings can withstand axial load in one direction and can limit axial displacement of the shaft or housing in one direction

Product Parameters

Single row tapered roller bearings:

Inner diameter size range: 20mm~1270mm

Outer diameter size range: 40mm~1465mm

Width range: 15mm~240mm


MKMZ metric tapered roller bearings have general tolerances, and products with tolerances of P6X, P6, P5, P4, and P2 are also available, all complying with GB307.1.

MKMZ inch tapered roller bearings have general tolerances, and CL2, CL3, CL0, CL00 tolerance products can also be provided according to needs.

Radial clearance

MKMZ single row tapered roller bearings only have clearance after installation, and can be determined after adjustment by another bearing positioned in the opposite direction.

Application and After-Sales Service

Tapered roller bearings are widely used in industries such as automobiles, rolling mills, mining, metallurgy, and plastic machinery.

The company processes and manufactures various and all kinds of international brand bearings.

After-sales service tenet

First, the work of the after-sales service department

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