Top Rubber Bearing For Automobile Shock Absorber

The plane bearing of automobile shock absorber is composed of a row of steel balls (with cage), a shaft ring (tightly fit with the shaft) and a seat ring (having a gap with the shaft and tightly fit with the bearing seat hole).

Product Features

Planar bearings, also called pressure bearings, are the most common in the MacPherson suspension type of automobiles, because the MacPherson suspension is characterized by the existence of spring shock absorbers as load-bearing struts, and this strut combined with the steering knuckle also bears the left and right turning fulcrums of the steering.

The plane bearing is placed on the top of the shock absorber, between the spring and the top rubber of the shock absorber. It has to withstand up and down pressure and be able to rotate freely, so it is an important part for MacPherson suspension.

Product Parameters

The steel ball rotates between the shaft ring and the seat ring. It can only bear axial load in one direction, not radial load. Because the axial load is evenly distributed on each steel ball, the load capacity is relatively large; however, the temperature rise is relatively large during operation, and the allowable limit speed is relatively low.

The advantage of the plane bearing is that due to the selection of high-precision cylindrical rollers (needle rollers), the contact length is increased, so that the bearing can obtain high load capacity and high rigidity in a small space; another advantage is that if adjacent parts When the surface is suitable for the raceway surface, the washer can be omitted, which can make the design compact. The cylindrical surface of the needle roller and the cylindrical roller used in the DF plane needle roller bearing and the plane cylindrical roller bearing are modified surfaces, which can reduce the edge stress. Improve service life.

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