Spherical Bearing with Seat

The outer spherical bearing with seat is a kind of bearing unit that combines the rolling bearing and the bearing seat. Most of the rolling bearings are made of spherical outer diameter of the outer ring of the bearing core and installed together with the bearing seat with a spherical inner hole. , Various structural forms, good versatility and interchangeability.

Product Features

1. With automatic heart adjustment function
The outer diameter of the bearing and the inner diameter of the bearing seat are spherically matched, and there is an automatic centering function between the two, which can compensate for the misalignment of the axis caused by the installation error and the deformation of the installation bottom surface.

2. Large load capacity
Because the internal structure of the outer spherical ball bearing is the same as the 6200 and 6200 6300 series deep groove ball bearings, the FS seated outer spherical ball bearing can not only bear radial load, but also can bear a certain axial load. At the same time, the bearing works with low noise.

3. Long service life
Spherical ball bearings with seat are usually used in harsh working environments such as soil, dust, humidity and high temperature. The grease inside the bearing will deteriorate in a short period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to inject grease and re-lubricate the outer spherical bearing with a seat within an appropriate time interval, and replace the deteriorated grease with fresh grease.

4. Excellent sealing performance
Both sides of the outer spherical ball bearing are equipped with heat-resistant, oil-proof rubber sealing ring and steel plate dust cover combined sealing.

Product Parameters

1. Casting vertical seat (P)
2. Casting square seat (F)
3. Casting boss round seat (FC)
4. Casting diamond seat (FL)
5. Casting slider seat (T)
6. Casting narrow vertical seat (PA)
7. Casting high center vertical seat (PH)
8. Cast suspension bearing seat (FB)
9. Casting adjustable diamond seat etc. (FA)
10. Casting ring seat (C)

Application and After-Sales Service

The following factors should be considered for the model of the outer spherical bearing:
1. The support requirements of the structure of the machine itself;
2. The space of the installation location and the size of the crankshaft;
3. The load borne by the bearing (size, direction, nature);
4. The service life and reliability requirements of the bearing;
5. Working speed (high and low, forward and reverse);
6. The matching nature and fixing method of the bearing and the crankshaft;
7. Support position, configuration and size of axial expansion and contraction;
8. The matching nature of the bearing and the bearing seat;
9. Requirements of ambient temperature (resistance to high temperature and low temperature);
10. Requirements for surrounding media, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and waterproof;
11. The importance of relubrication;
12. Noise and vibration requirements;
13. The strength requirements of the bearing seat.