Cam Follower Bearing


Product Features

1. Combined structure of thick outer ring needle roller bearing and bolt
2. There are metric series and imperial series in size
3. Lubricating oil channels are provided in the bolts of the bearing
4. In order to facilitate installation, there are “one-character” and “hexagonal hole type” wrench assembly methods on the big end of the bearing.
5. The outer surface of the outer ring has cylindrical and spherical shapes, which can be selected according to the actual application.
6. The full roller type is suitable for large loads and low speed occasions
7. The eccentric type can easily and accurately adjust the axis position of the bolt when installing the bearing

Product Parameters

Type Structure
Metric series CFxx Standard
CFxxF Stainless steel type
CFESxx Solid eccentric bolt type
CFExx Eccentric
CFxxW Thrust disc type
CFxxRUI Concentrated lubricating spherical outer ring
CFxxFUI Concentrated lubrication type cylindrical outer ring
CFxxSFU Simple assembly type
NUCFxx Heavy industry
CFSxx Small
Inch series CRxx-x Standard
CRHxx-x Heavy industry

Application and After-Sales Service

Generally used in automobile camshafts (a shaft that controls the opening and closing of piston engine valves).