Small bearings turn big markets-Shandong Meck Bearings practice the road of dual-cycle development


“The elder who seeks wood must consolidate its roots.” Shandong Meck Bearing Co., Ltd. implements “insist on and strengthen the overall leadership of the party” throughout the entire process and various fields of enterprise development, and always practices the two-way force of the international and domestic markets. Work hard, seize opportunities to occupy the commanding heights of the international market, “dual divisions” parallel, expand supporting facilities, and cultivate growth points in the domestic market, with fruitful results, successively won the national civilized unit, the first batch of manufacturing single-run demonstration enterprises in Shandong, and the first batch of industrial brands in Liaocheng Cultivate the titles of Demonstration Enterprise, Linqing Model Enterprise with Harmonious Labor Relations, Shandong Quality Award, Shandong Top 100 Innovative Enterprises, etc.


In 2020, Merck Bearings has overcome the adverse effects of the new crown epidemic and the significant decline in market demand caused by the Sino-US trade friction, seeking opportunities in crisis, turning crises into opportunities, and achieving growth against the trend. Operating income increased by 22.45% year-on-year, a record high, and belonged to the parent company. The company’s net profit increased by 99.51% year on year.